Join us for a self-paced series of comprehensive, physician-designed health intensives that will transform the way you eat, move, manage stress and participate in your well-being. During the Five Stones Fall Intensive, you will:

  • Define your personal health goals and develop a plan to meet them.
  • Find new ways to increase strength and flexibility through customized balanced movement.
  • Learn the benefits of fresh, seasonal eating to optimize your body’s metabolism and well-being.
  • Apply strategies to increase mindfulness to help deal with stress.

In the Virtual Circle of Wellness you will delve into the Five Stones philosophy and learn balanced movement, cooking / nutrition, and mindfulness techniques that will create the basis for lasting change and a more optimized life.

Live in harmony with nature

Through the Circle of Wellness course you will not only learn mindfulness techniques for daily living, but you will also learn to live more in tune with the rhythms of nature. Each season has its own energy and by aligning ourselves with that energy we can live more fully.